Cultivating the Next Generation of Food Citizens

Mobile Kitchen Classroom: Education Toward Food System Change

Mobile Kitchen Classroom is a high school program that empowers the next generation of Food Citizens – individuals that understand that their food choices have a meaningful impact and are empowered to advocate for change.

Mobile Kitchen Classroom engages students by making connections between food and issues that they care about – culture, the environment, power.

Hands-on cooking lessons connect ingredients to ideas and give students the skills they need to prepare fresh farm-driven food. 

Students are transformed from passive consumers to confident and activated Food Citizens.

Citizenship Through Connection

Food & Culture

How is food a reflection of a society’s values and priorities?

Food & Healthy Systems

How does food serve as a foundation for individual, community, and environmental wellbeing?

Food & Power

How can food be an avenue to empowerment, citizenship, and social justice?


Innovative Learning Opportunties

Empowerment Through Creation


Farm-Driven Cooking

Seasonal and Sustainable Recipes


Virtual Field Trips

Bringing the Farm to Classroom Tables


Custom Curriculum

A Fit For Every Class Type

Mobile Kitchen Classroom Is Powered By

Adrian Grenier

Actor + Co-Founder of SHFT

“Getting kids involved with food is the most powerful way to help them connect with the environment, their health, and their communities.”

Jill Isenbarger

Executive Director at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

“Good food grown well is powerful.”

“Taking the Mobile Kitchen Classroom class at Bard I can definitely say is the best academic decision I've made during high school. No class has intrigued me as much with its readings nor offered such great hands-on experience, nor had such a large impact on my life.” – Soledad, BHSEC ‘15

“Instead of being just something that you learn about and then forget in a couple years, or even next semester, MKC is something that you’ll always be able to use.” – Amethyst, BHSEC ‘15

“Mobile Kitchen Classroom is amazing because it teaches you that food is an action.” – Amory, BHSEC ‘15

Expansion across NYC and beyond…

In 2016, we plan to reach hundreds more students in NYC schools with our specially designed truck, bringing cooking lessons and curriculum to the classroom. In tandem, our education team will develop a virtual curriculum experience, teacher institutes, and online education platform for students and teachers across the U.S.


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